Dharma Class (Dao Seminar)

Post date: Jul 9, 2012 3:57:28 PM

Register for our upcoming dharma class. This is a two-day all-day free event at our temple in Flushing, NY (also being held at other times and locations--see the registration form below). Listen to lectures on Meaning of Life, Preciousness of Dao, Heaven's Mandate and the Lineage of Dao, Dao of Vegetarianism, Filial Piety, among others. This is a special opportunity to connect with and establish greater affinity with Buddha! Prepare to be inspired and take the next steps in cultivation and in the realization of your Buddha Nature. Vegan meals will be provided.

Due to the nature of the class and due to limited seating, we can only accommodate those who commit to attending both days. So if you can commit to attending the whole two days then please fill out the registration form below. Dress appropriately (please wear a shirt/blouse with collar and sleeves and long pants/dress/skirt; please do not wear shorts, tee shirts, or sandals) as the dharma class is not a casual social event.

Anyone wishing to attend must receive the Dao blessing before the event.